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Project: Açı Schools Corporate Identity

Client: Açı Schools

Açı School is an educational institution with several different campuses located throughout İstanbul, with a program that runs from age three to the end of high school. 


When Açı Schools approached us in 2010, they needed a new logo and a complete corporate identity, covering everything from school stationary to clothing. 


The project started with revisiting the school’s old logo. The client wanted to keep it as it is at first, but we didn’t agree. Although it contained some good ideas, it was weak and didn’t fit with the quality of the brand. It wasn’t a good logo to start with at all. So we created a brand new logo, only keeping the main idea of the old logo, which is the form of an angle (açı). The client was pleased with the approach. 


The extensive corporate identity project took 1,5 years to complete. It aimed the practical categorization of the school documents, which was achieved through color-coding pre-school, primary school and high school materials. Simple, stylish and functional school materials also received appreciation from the students, parents and the school staff. 

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