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Project:Cubecity (Küpşehir) Character Design Exhibition

Curator:  ALAN Istanbul 

Venuer:  ALAN Istanbul 

Opened in January 2010, Cubecity (Küpşehir) was the first character design exhibition in İstanbul. The main concept was built upon cubical forms, reflecting different aspects of the city. The bilingual typographic design is used as a logo for the exhibition and carried out the same cubic design concept.


Created by Ömer Ozan Erdoğan and Creative Bonanza, the exhibition told a story of city life, especially İstanbul life, from a unique point of view. Almost like from a parallel universe, but a little more toyful than the reality. All the characters in the exhibiton were inspired by everyday characters from the city, whom we were all familiar with.


Hand sewn by Ömer Ozan Erdoğan, each character is created by collages from various Istanbul photo details. These photos also inspired the names and the stories of the characters. Exhibition venue was integrated into the designs by photo details as well. Canvas, transfer prints, reused fabrics, fibre filling and digital prints were among the materials used to create this cubical, miniature city.



“Street Kid’s daddy was a cobblestone

His mommy was a manhole cap

They say his eyes resemble his mother

And his mouth is just like his dad”


“Kid from the Block sat night and day

In front of the TV, put on a lot of weight

Even his mother has got confused

And covered his head with a lacework veil”


Cubecity also gained a lot of press attention. It was covered in many publications and online channels such as,, Maison Française, Time Out İstanbul, İstanbul Life, Yapı Magazine, Arkitera, Radikal News Saturday, Radikal News Design, and Dexiner.,5izHmfIq1Uyd4QdJlTOu1A

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