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Project: Restaurant Corporate Identity, Concept Development, Packaging Design

Client:  Neuf Restaurant

Neuf is a French-Turkish fusion restaurant, located at a rather seedy part of town, which is in the middle of the financial hotspots of İstanbul. The restaurant’s main target was to reach the people who work at the offices in these neighborhoods. That’s why they focused on delivery services. 


This meant the first impression of the brand was going to be the delivery service packs, therefore the project concentrated on corporate identity and packaging. Neuf offered lots of different varieties in its menu, which means we needed to present them accordingly. Soup, salad, pizza and pide packages were designed. Just because the focus was on service packaging, the restaurant itself was not forgotten. A wooden Neuf signage was designed for the restaurant to standout. 


In the end, Neuf brought a “new” taste to neighboring offices, and a fun project to Creative Bonanza.

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