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Project: İstiklal Palas Hotel 360° Design Concept

Client: Demirören Group

Once Mama Shelter, this hotel which is located on İstiklal Street, in the heart of İstanbul's most popular culture hub, needed a new concept without changing the basic architectural elements
and causing minimum disturbance to its guests. Because Mama Shelter is a hotel chain with
very significant design elements, to redesign it as İstiklal Palas was challenging at first,
but fun in the making.


The design concept was inspired from İstiklal Street’s multicultural, authentic atmosphere
and it focuses on the neighborhood’s characteristics. The vintage circus concept is a celebration
of differences, freakishness, originality and the street’s history.


İstiklal Palas Hotel is a 360° design transformation project. From corporate identity to interior design details, from advertising to the prints decorating the rooms, from the elevator walls to staff uniforms, everything is designed and applied as a part of this concept. 

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