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Project: PostAssist Brand Naming and Development, Coporate Identity,
Character Design, Communication

Client:  Coşkun İletişim


Coşkun İletişim is a company, which has been working in delivery services for almost 20 years.
They had been active in the sector for 12 years, when they decided that it’s time to change their company structure, to offer their services under a more relatable brand. 

Coşkun İletişim company name didn’t associate with their services, and made even harder to
explain their already complicated service model to their potential clients. Therefore new name alternatives were offered and PostAssist was chosen, which was perfect for the brand, bringing together different kinds of delivery and postal services. A new logo and brand mascot were
created to communicate the B-2-B brand better. Inspired from the Harry Potter world, owl was
a sympathetic, relatable and suited character to communicate the brand’s personality. 

PostAssist’s whole corporate identity was created by Creative Bonanza, as well as its website
and communication materials. Other than the brand name, logo and the mascot; employee
uniforms, stickers, vehicle brandings, business cards, envelopes, delivery center design identity,
wall graphics, signages, print ads, flyers, brochures, postal stamps, folders were all included
in this project.

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