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Project: Corporate identity, character design, strategy, BTL communications

Client: LimonHost software services and solutions

LimonHost is a strong hosting, domain registrar and cloud platform brand with an experienced, professional team. Unfortunately, their identity didn’t reflect those qualities. Fortunately, they’ve found Creative Bonanza.


The first step was the corporate identity. The color scheme is changed to yellow tones to stand out from the competitors and to embrace the brand name: “lemon”. The logo is redesigned to be more up-to-date and fit the industry expectations.


The main objective was to reach the less professional target audience. Therefore a simpler, friendlier new strategy is created. Also, a “lemon” character is created to be the brand’s spokesperson. This character’s friendly and helpful tone of voice reflects the brand positioning.

For those who are not familiar with online world’s technical terms, a dictionary is launched.

Limon Sözlük –Lemon Dictionary- features the most common used words and explains them

in the most simple and fun way possible.

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