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Project: Koruflorya Shopping Mall Leasing Brochure Design and Map Illustration

Client: Koruflorya Shopping Mall

Koruflorya is a luxury shopping mall and residence project, located in the historical peninsula of İstanbul. Creative Bonanza was briefed for Koruflorya luxury mall’s leasing brochure and a map illustration, which featured the mall.


The first step of the job was the brochure. To reflect the luxurious and prestigious atmosphere of the mall in the brochure, the design concept was inspired from the architectural materials used in the mall. The cover was made from the same kind of wood that was used in the building. The material texture of the different areas of the mall’s architecture was also used as background images, on other pages.


For the second step of the project, the client requested us to show the historic peninsula of İstanbul and the mall, in an illustrated map. This map illustration would not only be used in the leasing brochure, but in different mediums as well. That’s why the design had to be eye catching, original and functional at the same time. We decided to use an illustration style, which feels new, different and youthful. Thus, we could demonstrate the location of the mall, show the historic peninsula and also show people how to get to the mall without being mundane. 

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