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Project: ​Brand Consulting, Corporate Communication

Client:  Kemer Country Club

Kemer Country Club İstanbul is a world-class life club that unifies its innovative vision with its reputable history. Founded in 1995 as a private members’ club, Kemer Country Club is one of
the most elite and well-established life clubs in İstanbul. 

The club is located in Göktürk, nested inside the Belgrad Forest just beside İstanbul. It offers exclusive accommodation facilities, sports clubs including golf, tennis and equestrian, wellness
and fitness centres, spa, restaurants and spaces for organizations and conventions such as Forest Lodge. The club also includes a boutique hotel, a stylish and relaxing venue, designed by Autoban. 

Kemer Country Club has a wide target audience from existing members to the inhabitants of neighboring areas; from golf, tennis and equestrian sports enthusiasts to companies which seek venues for their corporate events; from families to people who want to get away from the city...
This broad group consists of wealthy, educated individuals with high standards, as common characteristics. They expect media to go beyond just being “good” by providing them with premium, personally relevant content. To appeal their taste, a simple but chic design language is created in all communication materials.

The project started with a vital part of the job, which is the wayfinding and signage system of the club, starting from Göktürk area. At the same time, we started building a corporate visual style,

so that people can identify Kemer Country Club’s communication at one glance. Brochures are designed; newsletter, print ad and poster formats are set, new billboard ads were created. Photo shoots, menus, place mats, flyers, window graphics, brochure set covers, postcards, direct mailings, event communications came next. Kemer Country Club’s communication is an ongoing project.

Kemer Country Brochure Set

Kemer Country Club Seasonal Post Cards

Kemer Country Club Mice Invitation Card

Menu Design for Kemer Country Bistro

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