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Project: Beer Label Design

Client: Gara Guzu Craft Beer 

Gara Guzu is the first craft beer of Turkey, brewed in Muğla, which is a coastal city in the southern region of the country. The expression Gara Guzu is a dialectical spelling of Kara Kuzu from Muğla, which means black sheep in Turkish. The name of the brand is originated from the owners, who describe themselves as the black sheep of their family.


Gara Guzu offers two main beer styles available at all times; “Blonde Ale” and “Amber Ale”. The microbrewers also release seasonal or conceptual beers for short periods. All seasonal/conceptual beer labels has their own unique designs that change according to the brief and to their characteristic qualities. Creative Bonanza designed 4 different labels for the brand o far: 1st Anniversary Beer, Black Malt Ale, New Year’s Red Ale and Summer IPA.

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