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Project: Feast Frozen Food Packaging Design & Art Direction

Client: Feast Frozen Food

Photography: Umut Töre

Illustrations: Alperen Kahraman

Feast, which is a well-known and trustworthy frozen food brand in Turkey, decided to launch a new line of organic frozen vegetables in 2015. The client requested a new packaging concept for these new products, inline with their existing packs. The existing packs all featured the brand’s own farmers, photographed with the products. We decided to keep the farmers on this new product line as well, because it was an important visual marker, differentiating the brand from its competitors. Plus, we added illustration, to highlight that the new line is “organic”. We worked with Alperen Kahraman for the illustrations. We wanted the illustrations to resemble engravings, to give an authentic, raw feeling. But first, we needed the images. We prepared the lay-outs; Umut Töre took the photographs of the vegetables, and also the farmers’ holding the vegetables. 

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