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Project: Fanfinfon Shoes Catalogue Concept and Design

Client: Fanfinfon Shoes

Fanfinfon is a hand-made shoe brand, established in 2007 in İstanbul. Zeynep Turuthan, the creator of the brand and the designer behind the shoes, describes her company’s design philosophy as: “Shoes occupy our mind quite a lot, since they are an extension of our feet, almost an organ you can revise. How long we will walk? Which dance moves will we make? Are we cool? These very personal things depend on the shoes you wear. For me shoes are independent from ‘trends’, ‘seasons’ and even gender. The models are inspired from the traditional craft of shoe making, flattered with spunky colors and details. One can choose from our current collection as well as create their own version by choosing the model, material and details, which will be our pleasure to produce.”


The main inspiration of the designer is, to be in İstanbul. To greet cats and dogs on the streets, to become acquainted with birds in the scenery… A panorama changing with a single movement of your pupil, full of contrasts, surprises and interesting characters… To reflect the brand’s philosophy better, photo shoot for the catalogue was done on the streets of Taksim. The catalogue design combines the shoes and the moments which inspired those shoes together on its pages. 

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