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Project: Dardenia Fish+Bread Restaurants Brand and Concept Development, Corporate Identity,
Packaging Design, Communication Strategy, Communications

Client: Dardanel

We’ve always been fans of fresh grilled fish sandwiches, served right from the boat in Eminönü, İstanbul. That’s why we were excited when Dardanel, which is the leading canned fish manufacturer in Turkey, came up with a new project: A restaurant chain to serve a modernized version of these traditional grilled fish sandwiches. As the brand is considered an expert on fish, the project focused on how eating fish can be both healthy and delicious.


Creative Bonanza was involved in each phase of the project along with the project’s architect, chef and the client from determining the recipes to how the food was going to be served. In the end it all came to our love of eating fish. And there it was Dardenia’s brand manifesto… We love fish!


Creative Bonanza created Dardenia’s service packaging designs, logo design, tagline, brand manifesto, corporate identity, staff uniforms, badges, leaflets, billboards, photo concept, posters, menus, launch campaign and many other items regarding design and communication with love.

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