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Project: Bonmarşe Food Hall Concept Development and Naming,
Interior DesignConcept, Corporate Identity, Communication Design

Client: Demirören İstiklal / Demirören Group

Bonmarşe is a food hall and a concept group of stores, located on the top floor of Demirören İstiklal shopping mall in Beyoğlu. Named after İstanbul’s nostalgic markets in which you can find everything, Bonmarşe’s concept completes and compliments Demirören İstiklal’s brand vision: to adopt and preserve the characteristics and the cultural heritage of Beyoğlu. Designed as a revisited version
of classic Beyoğlu neighborhoods, with many restaurants and vintage stores clustered all together, Bonmarşe also includes an outdoor terrace for eating in open air and also for summer events. 


Bonmarşe first started with three restaurants and a vintage bookstore. The restaurants are connected to the shopping mall management therefore their interior design concepts were also included in this project. 


Patterns, materials, textures and graphics were created to give each restaurant their own characteristic, but also to make them look like a part of Bonmarşe concept. The names, restaurant signs and written tone of voice were designed to be all in line with Bonmarşe concept. Visual tone of voice was similar, but displayed elements unique to what kind of restaurant it is. 

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